Meet the Billboard Music Charts of cannabis — Lemonhaze


The Lemonhaze headquarters are like any Seattle startup. The kitchen is full of used coffee cups and there’s a bucket of red vines on the counter. There’s a dog, of course there’s a dog, his name is Brinkley (after the reporter). After the four-legged staffer greets you, he retires to a conference pod or sprawls in the main hallway.

Industry journals and propaganda litter the table tops, but unlike your typical start-up mags, they are cannabis-based, not tech. As with any data company — the product at Lemonhaze is information. But that information is all about marijuana sales.

Like the Billboard Music Charts for cannabis, Lemonhaze has become a hit by scooping up the gobs of sales data created by the state of Washington’s cannabis tracking system, organizing it and presenting it to hundreds of business subscribers.

Dispensaries use the data to find out what’s selling — and they might adjust their inventory accordingly. Shoppers use the site as more of a Top 10. If their dispensary isn’t selling their topical, CBD product, or flower of choice, Lemonhaze helps them find it.

See, the world of cannabis is undergoing a phase shift, from having no analytics to having more than almost any other industry. Under prohibition, the black market was a black box. All sales data was rumor at best. Under legalization, cannabis is one of the most tightly regulated industries in the world. Every single gram of product is tracked from seed to sale, thus yielding a blizzard of data that would be impossible for any one person to sort.