Jimmy John’s delivery driver caught with weed hidden in sandwich


OSSEO, Wisc. (KRON) — Would you like some weed with your turkey sandwich?

A Jimmy John’s delivery driver was caught red-handed for hiding marijuana in a sandwich.

According to the Osseo Police Department, an officer on Wednesday pulled over the delivery vehicle for a moving violation.

But it was when he started walking towards the car that she noticed a “free smell” coming from inside.

“That free smell wasn’t that of a tasty Turkey Tom or Vito sandwich,” the department posted on Facebook. “No… that is not a pickle or oregano adorning that sandwich.”

In the photos shared on Facebook, you can see a long roll of weed in saran wrap, stuffed between meat and bread.

“Moral of the story, don’t hide your weed inside your sub sandwich. We can still smell it behind all the other deliciousness,” the department said.


Source – https://www.wric.com/news/national/jimmy-john-s-delivery-driver-caught-with-weed-hidden-in-sandwich/1683118870