Former teacher invited teens to her house — and they smoked weed, Colorado police say


Weed is legal in Colorado, but one teacher in the state learned that smoking it with the wrong people can still land you behind bars.

Colorado police on Tuesday arrested Rachel Farley, who had worked at East High School in some capacity from 2011 to February 2018, after they say she smoked marijuana with some of her teenage students, according to KDVR.

Farley, who volunteered with drama students for the 2017-18 school year, invited some of those theater kids to her house for a party in February, police say. The teacher and students allegedly smoked pot at the get-together, according to The Denver Post. But police say the real drama began when a student alerted school officials about Farley’s party and drug use with the high-schoolers.

In February, the teacher spoke with school officials, who told 9News that Farley had been a full-time teacher at the school from September 2011 until her resignation in last August. After that, she volunteered with the theater students.

But it doesn’t seem that she’ll be working with the Denver Public Schools anymore. Jessie Smiley, a spokeswoman for the district, told The Denver Post that “we asked her not to volunteer anymore at East” after the allegations surfaced in February.

She is also blacklisted from working for the district — and can no longer volunteer or work through a contractor agreement, either, according to 9News. Police are investigating her for a felony charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

She’s due in Denver County Court on Wednesday.

Farley isn’t the first teacher accused of letting marijuana get in the way of her better judgment.

In Florida, 26-year-old Marsha Dolce, an elementary school teacher, faces charges of possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and negligent child abuse, according to The Orlando Sentinel. Dolce left a 4-year-old boy under her care alone at her home, police say, while she went to go pick up marijuana.

Cops found the boy wandering outside alone at 7 a.m. one day in March, the Sentinel reported, and spoke to Dulce once she returned from her hourlong trip. At first, police say she claimed to be helping a friend whose car broke down — but officers found weed, a grinder and text messages with a suspected drug dealer that led them to believe she left the child alone to go get some pot.

In another case, a 63-year-old substitute teacher at a Florida middle school told students “she will have a party at her house so they could smoke weed together,” police say, and offered to buy pizza and let them swim in her pool. Multiple students told school officials about the substitute, who they also said unbuttoned her pants and said, “I take dollars in my waistband” while letting a student play profane music in class, according to the News Herald.

By: Josh Magness, Miami Herald