Ask a Stoner: What’s the Dispensary Purchase Limit for Two People?


Dear Stoner: If I go into a dispensary to purchase weed with my wife when we’re in town, can we only buy an ounce between the two of us? And do CBD products count toward the limit?

Dear George: Colorado law allows anyone 21 or older to purchase one ounce of cannabis flower per day, and that can all be in one transaction. While dispensaries allow parties of people to approach the purchase counter together and discuss their options, they’re not confined to a single one-ounce purchase; individually, they can each purchase up to an ounce of cannabis/cannabis products. If it’s a group outing, be sure that you each hold on to or claim possession of your cannabis separately, as possessing more than an ounce of pot is still illegal in Colorado.

Any CBD products sold in Colorado dispensaries have to contain some THC, even if in small amounts. High-CBD flower and concentrates would contribute to your one-ounce limit like any other strains and waxes (you’re only allowed to purchase 8 grams of hash at a time but can still possess an ounce), but infused products such as topicals and edibles are measured in milligrams. You’re allowed to buy up to 800 milligrams of infused products, but CBD doesn’t apply to that, just THC.

By: Herbert Fuego, Westword