Las Vegas medical marijuana businesses can start using billboards | KSNV


Big changes for Las Vegas medical marijuana industry. The city council is easing up on some rules, including the way they advertise.

“A big step in the right direction,” says CEO of Oasis Medical Cannabis Ben Sillitoe of the city council easing up on restrictions for medical marijuana businesses. He says this will help get the word out. But for him, it’s still an uphill battle.

“We use a lot of social media and there is also specific cannabis friendly magazines that we’re able to advertise in, but aside from that it’s very limited,” said Sillitoe.

So what exactly can they do? They can start putting up billboards like they can already do in Clark County.

“It provides some opportunities for us to expand into some different areas of marketing that we haven’t been able to do yet. and hopefully get the word out about Oasis Medical Cannabis,” said Sillitoe.

The amendments were encouraged by city councilman Bob Coffin.

“In order for our businesses to be competitive, we had to loosen these requirements. They were pretty onerous, very expensive, huge bonds required, extraordinary limits placed on the size of a sign placed on a building. These are things that have never been done before for any other business,” said Coffin.

Shanna Perry of Elevate Nevada magazine says this has really opened some doors.

“Business is going strong and moving along and we can see a lot of progress happening,” said Perry.

Sillitoe says he would like to put his first billboard for his business right across the street on Industrial.

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