Concord Woman Allegedly Head-butts Cop During Arrest | Patch


local woman that was arrested February on assault charges is in
trouble with the law again after an alleged incident in Penacook in April,
according to police.

Lee McAllister, 31, of North State Street in Concord, was arrested at 6:32
a.m. on April 7, 2016, and charged with two counts of simple assault, domestic
violence-simple assault, criminal mischief, possession of controlled drugs-marijuana,
resisting arrest or detention, and two counts of possession of prescription
drugs without a prescription.

note: This post
was derived from information supplied by the Concord Police Department. It does
not indicate a conviction. This link
explains the name removal request process for NH Patch police reports.

Officers were
sent to Manor Road for a man complaining that his ex-girlfriend was allegedly “flipping
out” and had struck him several times, requiring him to jump out of a second
story window and lock himself in his truck, in order to escape her, according
to an arrest report.

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Officers found
the man in his truck and McAllister in the backyard of his home, according to
the report. The man alleged that they had been arguing about the relationship
the night before, discussing suspicions he had, but went to bed without
incident. When they woke up though, the arguing continued, according to the

“Ms. McAllister
eventually began slapping and punching (the victim) in the head while they were
in the bedroom,” the officer reported. “Ms. McAllister then blocked the doorway
of the bedroom, so that (the victim) could not leave. As he was attempting to
leave the bedroom, Ms. McAllister slapped him in the head again. (The man) then
grabbed his phone and exited the room by going out of the second story window
of the bedroom.”

McAllister allegedly
followed him outside and “continued to be violent toward him” and while locked
in the truck, she “began throwing objects at the truck and also slapping and
kicking the driver’s door,” according to the report. She allegedly threw a
large rock against the door causing a dent and scratches, he alleged. The
officer took a picture of the damage to the truck, according to the report.

McAllister reportedly
told an officer that they had been arguing, she believed he was going to break
up with her, and how she “can’t handle the emotional roller coaster that (the
victim) puts her through,” according to the report. When asked if the argument
was physical, she allegedly stated, “Yeah, I slapped him.” When asked about the
rock she reportedly stated that she was threatening to throw it, didn’t mean
to, but it slipped out of her hand, and struck the truck.

The officers
went to arrest McAllister and she allegedly moved away and began walking away
from the officers. Officers were able to grab a hold of her but after being
warned not to resist, she allegedly continued. A third officer ran over to
assist the other officers, according to the report.

“I saw
McAllister thrashing about and saw her head snap backwards towards (a female
officer),” the reporting officer stated, causing an injury to her eye.
“McAllister was still thrashing about and I placed her forward against the car
to keep her still so that the other officers were able to control her hands.”

During processing,
police allegedly found two small glass containers of marijuana as well as gabapentin
and dextroamphetamine sulfate pills.