This Lab Is Making Sure Your Legal Weed Is Safe to Smoke



If it’s not handled properly, weed can collect toxins, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that can have long-term impacts on your health and well-being, an issue that can put legal markets in jeopardy.

On this episode of Daily VICE, we meet Dorian Des Lauriers, CEO and founder of ProVerde, to hear how his lab tests weed in Massachusetts for harmful contaminants. Using mass spectrometers and powerful microscopes, ProVerde screens weed for bacteria and mycotoxins to make sure it’s actually safe to smoke.


  1. With all walks of life growing cannabis these days, this one issue becomes the largest problem facing the cannabis industry. In all my testing of cannabis, in dispensaries, the one thing that is most disturbing is that a good 97% do not really understand their product(s). They have no idea of the potency or really how the components of cannabis work. I have rejected numerous samples due to contaminates, most being molds and spores.
    The attack on the industry is somewhat valid due to this issue. There is no doubt that it does have medicinal properties and should be allowed to the public, however, it does need professional oversight and control.