Future Farm Technologies Inc. (FFRMF) Maine Prepares for Seed Sales


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Future Farm Maine Prepares for Seed Sales

As it prepares to begin selling its inventory of Cherry Wine hemp seeds for CBD-producing hemp, Future Farm Technologies Inc. (the “Company” or “Future Farm”) (CSE: FFT) (OTCQB: FFRMF) is pleased to announce that its Maine subsidiary, Future Farm Maine, will soon be offering for sale its inventory of Cherry Wine hemp seeds for CBD-producing hemp.

In 2018, Future Farm hand-selected the Cherry Wine seeds to be offered for sale from more than 50,000 hemp plants to allow purchasers of those seeds to maximize the success of their harvests of hemp. The Company expects the sales of those seeds during calendar 2019 to have a significant positive impact on both its revenue and bottom line, as compared to the current fiscal year, because the costs associated with producing those seeds are expected to be significantly less than the revenue that the sale of the seeds will generate. Future Farm is in the process of creating a website to support its seed sales effort, but in the meantime inquiries can be sent to sales@futurefarmtech.com.

As these efforts advance in Maine, the Company’s lab in Belfast is up and running, collecting data to enable the Company to refine procedures as needed and begin sales of CBD distillate in the near future. In March, Zachary Lapan, Manager of the Company’s Maine cultivation and processing operations, along with George Groccia, Future Farm’s organizational and operational manager, will share their experience working on the Maine farm as speakers at the 2019 New England Cannabis Convention in Boston.

For further information, contact Investor Relations at investor@futurefarmtech.com or (888) 387-3761 Ext. 710.

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Future Farm is a Canadian company with holdings throughout North America including California, Massachusetts, Florida, Maine, Puerto Rico and Newfoundland. The Company’s mission is to advance sustainable agriculture through production of wholesale and retail cannabis products, including hemp. As a leader in its field, Future Farm is committed to using only the highest quality processes and products. Towards this goal, the Company acquires or partners with licensed cannabis operators, and acquires or develops leading technologies in cannabis production, breeding, genetics, and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Future Farm’s scalable, indoor CEA systems utilize minimal land, water and energy resources. The Company holds an exclusive, worldwide license to use a patented vertical farming technology that, when compared to traditional plant production methods, generates yields up to 10 times greater per square foot of land.