Future Farm Harnesses Cultivation & Extraction Technology to Propel Cannabis Efforts, Plus Executive Interview


SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwired – Apr 12, 2017) – CFN Media Group (“CannabisFN”), the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis, announces publication of an article covering Future Farm Technologies Inc.’s (CSE: FFT) (OTCQB: FFRMF) technology portfolio and recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art oil extraction machine, as well as its efforts to become a leading cultivator and manufacturer of cannabis oils. Accompanying the article is an exclusive interview with John Sweeney, COO, discussing the company’s recent developments.

Technology Portfolio

Future Farm has spent the past several years developing a portfolio of controlled environment agriculture (“CEA”) and LED lighting technologies.

The company’s scalable indoor CEA systems optimize land, water, and energy use to cost-effectively grow crops like cannabis. With an exclusive worldwide license to a patented vertical farm technology, the company is capable of generating yields up to 10 times greater per square foot than conventional plant production methods. The contained system also provides ancillary benefits including seed-to-sale security, scalability, consistency, and purity.

The company’s LED lighting products leverage COB and MCOB technology to maximize efficiency and lower costs. The company sells these lights via its e-commerce websites, including LEDCanada.com and COBGrowlights.com, targeting both large and small agricultural greenhouses and controlled cultivation centers. The company uses the same products for its own cannabis growing operations that were recently announced.

Recently, the company acquired a 15-acre parcel of land in Redland, Florida and a 10-acre greenhouse near Orlando, Florida that it plans to develop into 25 acres of cannabis crops. The company’s technologies could help transform these properties into a significant CEA-powered opportunity within Florida’s burgeoning medical cannabis market – an industry that some analysts project will surpass $1.8 billion by 2020.

Cannabis Oil Extraction

Future Farm announced the purchase of a state-of-the-art machine designed to rapidly manufacture premium cannabis oil to supply the growing demand for cannabis concentrates in the State of California. With a closed-loop system, the company produces high quality oil in a high throughput system with minimal maintenance and labor. The company expects the equipment to be delivered, installed, and in full production within 90 days.

In economic terms, the company estimates that the machine is capable of processing 20 pounds of marijuana trim per hour into an estimated 908 grams of cannabis oil. The refined product has an estimated wholesale price of $10 to $20 per gram, which translates to potential operational revenue of $9,080 per hour, $217,920 per day, and $6.5 million per month, assuming that the facility is operating at peak capacity 24/7 and constraints are minimized.

Please follow the link to see the interview and read the full article: http://www.cannabisfn.com/future-farm-harnesses-cultivation-extraction-technology-propel-cannabis-efforts/