Delta 9 enters deal for tech that delivers medicine through skin


Delta 9 Cannabis, a Manitoba-based medical marijuana producer, has entered into a deal with a U.S. company for the rights to a technology that allows medicine to be administered through the skin or mucous membrane.

This nano technology was produced by the startup Nanosphere Health Sciences. It allows for medicines to go directly into the bloodstream, which stops it from going through the gut or the liver.

According to a news release from Delta 9, in terms of cannabis this means someone “can get better ‘bio-availability’ of cannabinoids than even smoking provides.” The company adds that it is the first technology that provides a dosage system for cannabis that is medically appropriate.

For recreational users, Delta 9 said the technology can give a more powerful high. Plus, it can help out users who are in hotels, apartments or condos because it can be consumed in a way that won’t bother neighbours or break tenancy rules.

Delta 9 said they plan to speak with Health Canada, the Canadian Medical Association, provincial health ministries, insurance companies and other stakeholders about this alternate system.

The founders of Nanosphere will be in Winnipeg to meet with Delta 9’s management on Aug. 10