Colorado marijuana-tech company sues ex CEO; alleges misuse of company funds


Just one month after Denver-based MassRoots Inc. abruptly removed its CEO, the marijuana-tech company has now filed suit against him accusing him of illegal drug use, improper sexual activities at the workplace and misuse of company funds.

Isaac Dietrich, the founder of MassRoots, was fired Oct. 16.

The company, in a suit filed Nov. 14 in Denver District Court, is accusing Dietrich of paying himself $250,000 without authorization. The suit alleges that Dietrich obtained control of the company’s funds using deception and false pretenses and that he deliberately concealed the transactions from MassRoots.

MassRoots, a technology platform for the cannabis industry, named Scott Kveton as its interim CEO. He had been the company’s vice president, joining the company in July when it acquired his startup, Portland, Oregon-based Odava Inc., which had created a point-of-sale too