A New Video Game Will Let You Grow A Weed Empire


Source – https://junkee.com/weedcraft-inc/192170

Not all of us have the startup capital to be a roller coaster, railroad or hospital tycoon. Some of us have to start from the literal ground up. Upcoming video game Weedcraft Inc simulates a business enterprise that’s a bit more within the scope of possibility – and a lot more illegal.

From developer Vile Monarch, Weedcraft Inc puts you in charge of a budding weed business, growing, marketing and selling the good kush while also managing staff, customers and competition. Like many other management games, Weedcraft Inc requires you to juggle various demands in your attempt to build a blazing business.

Only this time, instead of managing a hotel or restaurant, you’re selling weed in a country where marijuana is still largely illegal.

A new trailer for Weedcraft Inc has just been released, showing off some of the upcoming management game’s weed-cultivating gameplay, as well as the legal problems dogging your entrepreneurial aspirations.

While the prospect of becoming an unstoppable cannabis kingpin is already a great draw, Weedcraft Inc also aims to reflect some of the real hardships and concerns faced by actual weed dealers in the US. On top of typical business concerns of supply and demand, players must navigate changing laws surrounding marijuana and the social stigma that surrounds the industry.

Describing an in-game scenario Vile Monarch’s Kacper Kwiatkowski said in a press release, “After spending over a decade in jail for illegal cultivation, you finally get out, only to find all your fellow former criminals have a head start in the legal business. And even though your past crimes are now perfectly legal, you remain haunted by a federal felony conviction and the legal entanglements that entails.”

Weedcraft Inc will be released on PC in April this year. The specific date hasn’t yet been announced, but many are hoping it will be the 20th.