USA Cannabis Infused Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Stoned Fighting


In the USA – Bare Knuckle Fighting – UFC – MMA are often called a sport. That seems a stretch to me and this type of brutality hardly fits into Sports but if PPV pay per view figures are anything to go by these fights are entertainment for millions…

Now a new battleground hits the entertainment marketplace potheads in fights mano a mano. Smoke some weed get off ones head on cannabis and then get into a fight ring to try pummel the lights out of another pothead. For the troubles the winner get as prize a pound of weed!

I guess if double hamburgers can sell millions a day… Then see no reason why millions of potheads would not want to follow USA Cannabis Infused Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Fighting…

Stoned fighting is all the latest rage in USA!

Stoned Fighting: Jiu-Jitsu Meets Cannabis

VICE YouTube profile
Published on Oct 23, 2018

The debate between recreational marijuana and sports has been controversial for a long time, and MMA leagues in the US are no exception. Many fighters who adhere to the rule of not smoking during competition periods test positive anyway because of how long weed stays in the system. Thanks to this rule, superstar UFC fighters who have tested positive for marijuana (such as Nick Diaz) have been dealt punishing fines and even suspensions or bans from competition. Rejecting this and intending to set a new standard for mix-martial artists, High Rollerz co-founders Matt Staudt and Big Lonn Howard have decided to put together a cannabis infused jiu-jitsu tournament where some of the sport’s top athletes get high with their opponent before competing – and where the winner’s grand prize is a pound of weed – Quote attribution VICE and YouTube.

USA Cannabis Infused Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Stoned Fighting…

VICE – YouTube comment

These guys are going pound for pound, to pound for a pound

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Ray Brown
I hope USADA sees this. They recently raised the threshhold for how much thc metabolite a fighter can have to where they basically just can’t use for a few days before the fight but you can take up to 10mg percocet RIGHT BEFORE a fight. You can literally fight high on something that blocks your pain receptors but you can’t use something that just chills you out and makes you hungry so you can put weight back on after weigh in and sleep the night before your fight.

First off, I gotta say I love the idea of High Rollerz. I watched all of it when it took place, but I don’t get how Jeff Glover says that smoking kills his anxiety before a match. Like the other guy said weed amplifies your emotions and going into a jiujitsu match while being stoned would probably make me puke all over the mats out of nervousness lol USA Cannabis Infused Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Stoned Fighting…