Duron Carter pleads guilty to marijuana possession


Former Saskatchewan Roughriders wide receiver Duron Carter caught a break after pleading guilty to a marijuana possession charge stemming from his arrest at the Saskatoon airport.

Carter was arrested at the airport back in February — prior to marijuana becoming legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

The charge came after customs officers opened a cigar package found in Carter’s luggage and found cannabis inside.

On Monday,  Carter’s lawyer withdrew a not guilty plea entered in June and changed it to a guilty plea on behalf of his client, who was not required to attend the hearing at Saskatoon Provincial Court.

A judge accepted a joint submission from the Crown and defence asking that Carter receive an absolute discharge.

The absolute discharge means the conviction will show up on Carter’s record for a period of one year before it is wiped away.

Carter was also given a $100 fine.



Former Rider Duron Carter pleads guilty to pot possession