Could brain injury be behind ex-NFL player’s drug arrest in Montgomery County? His family says so


Walendy was charged with being an armed “drug kingpin,” but his family says numerous concussions affected his mental health.

A 41-year-old former New York Giants player from California has been arrested in Montgomery County Maryland and charged with being an armed “drug kingpin”.

But at a bail hearing for Craig Walendy, his tearful mother suggested that damage from at least 11 concussions may have affected her son’s mental health.

Montgomery County District Court Judge John Moffatt denied bail for Walendy and ordered the former fullback, who lives in Long Beach California, to stay behind bars in Maryland as the case moves forward.

Walendy played for the New York Giants in 2000 and 2001 after graduating UCLA as a standout offensive player in the late 90’s. He also had brief relationships with the San Francisco 49’ers and the St. Louis Rams, according to court testimony Monday.

Walendy participated in the 2001 Super Bowl appearance by the Giants, according to his high school’s alumni page.

According to charging documents filed in court, Walendy had been transporting hundreds of pounds of marijuana from California to the Washington D. C. suburbs on repeated trips in his Cadillac Escalade. He had two handguns in his vehicle when Gaithersburg Maryland police arrested him near a Motel 6 October 18.

According to police, officers had the motel under surveillance and witnessed Walendy meeting with co-conspirators at the motel.

At least 200-pounds of marijuana that officers said say Walendy was carrying in duffel bags and a backpack was seized during the bust.

Walendy’s parents appeared in a Maryland court Monday and pleaded with the judge to allow Walendy’s release on bail so he could return to California with them. They promised to ensure he would appear for all future Maryland court dates.

Moffat noted the weapons allegedly in Walendy’s possession when he denied the family’s requests.

Walendy has a record of head injuries for his football days, his family said.

“This is so out of character – so surprising and shocking,” said Walendy’s mother Paula Walendy through sobs.

“We don’t know what happened. He has medical issues we need to take care of,” she cried.