GB Sciences, Inc. (GBLX) Files Patents for Heart Disease and Chronic, Immunological, and Neuropathic Pain


GB Sciences Files Patents for Heart Disease and Chronic, Immunological, and Neuropathic Pain

GB Sciences’ myrcene-containing complex mixtures for heart disease and chronic pain leverage powerful molecular synergies between specific complex formulations of active ingredients derived from the cannabis plants including many terpenes and minor cannabinoids,” said Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, Chief Science Officer of GB Sciences, Inc. “Our formulations capture whole plant medicine’s benefits, but they are further optimized and standardized. In preclinical studies, these complex mixtures have a greater therapeutic potential than the sums of the therapeutic effects of the individual ingredients. Other companies are creating cannabis-based therapeutics primarily based on one or two major cannabinoids, but our data suggests that complex formulations targeting specific diseases containing as many as a dozen ingredients provide greater potential clinical benefits than single- or double-active ingredient formulas.”

The Company’s drug discovery efforts were accelerated through the powerful combination of GB Sciences’ proprietary in silico prediction approach, termed the GB Sciences’ Network Pharmacology Platform (“NPP”), and GB Sciences’ proven high-throughput screening techniques using cell-based models of pain and heart disease. The current nonprovisional patent application covers myrcene-containing complex mixtures that are capable of targeting the non-traditional cannabinoid receptor, TRPV1. The latest patent application complements the issued TRPV1 patent that GB Sciences licensed from Makai Biotechnology in December of 2016.

GB Sciences is developing these pain and heart formulas in accordance with our strategy of commercializing complex mixtures of cannabis-derived compounds whose pharmaceutical activity does not require THC,” explains John Poss, Chairman and CEO of GB Sciences, Inc. “In addition, we are creating time-released forms of these formulations through our joint nanotech research program with the University of Seville. Our commitment to providing novel therapies and improved delivery methods will be tested in a pilot human trial in 2019.”

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