Woman invites man to smoke weed, then steals his wallet


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West Palm Beach Police

Aggravated battery: A pregnant woman hanging out with her homeless friends under a bridge in the 300 block of Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard was attacked by a man, who then fled. The woman was transported home by police.

Home burglary: A bicycle was stolen from inside the fenced yard of a home in the 500 block of Malverne Road. The victim told police she checked her security camera and saw a man hop the fence, then throw her bike over the fence.

Palm Beach County Booking Blotter: See who’s been arrested

Home burglary: A man returned to his home in the 500 block of 47th Street to find his front door unlocked. He entered and found the house had been ransacked. Missing were two suits with a total value of $700. The burglar entered the residence by breaking a bedroom window.

Home burglary: Someone stole two double windows from a residence being remodeled in the 1600 block of 43rd Street. Each window was valued at $450. The burglar pried open the front door.

Robbery: A 44-year-old man told police he had been robbed somewhere on Parker Avenue by three men. He said he could not describe the robbers, as the area was too dark. He became uncooperative and said he did not need the police. He also refused treatment from Fire Rescue for his head injury. The man decided not to pursue charges in the incident.

Sheriff’s Office, Lake Worth

Criminal mischief: Someone threw a brick into a window of a residence in the 100 block of North Palmway.

Criminal mischief: A woman came home to find a window broken on her residence in the 1100 block of North H Street. She believed the culprit to be a person who sent her text messages calling her a “snitch” for putting him in jail.

Theft: A license plate was stolen from a vehicle in the 900 block of South B Street.

Disturbance: A deputy went to a store in the 200 block of North Dixie Highway where two men were arguing over the sale of a cellphone. One man was holding the iPhone that belonged to the other man. The deputy took the phone and returned it to its owner, who declined to prosecute.

Lantana Police

Criminal mischief: Eight windows were damaged at a business in the 300 block of North Fourth Street. Two were shattered, one was knocked out and the rest had puncture holes.

Theft: A woman allowed an acquaintance to use her cellphone while in the 100 block of East Coast Avenue in Hypoluxo. The woman stepped away from him for a moment, and when she returned, the acquaintance and her phone were gone. When she attempted to call her phone, it went straight to voicemail, she told police.

Vehicle burglary: Someone smashed a window of a vehicle in the 100 block of Las Brisas Circle in Hypoluxo in an apparent burglary attempt. Nothing was stolen.

Robbery: A 20-year-old man was on his way to a store in the 500 block of West Lantana Road when he was approached by a woman. The woman asked him if he wanted to go back to her place to smoke weed. She then started patting him down, asking if he were a police officer. When she found a bulge in his right pocket, she asked if it were a gun. When the man placed both hands on his right pocket to protect his cellphone, the woman reached into his left pocket and stole his wallet. She then reached for her back waist band, and the man thought she might have a gun. He fled. He told police his wallet contained $300 and his school ID. He did not want to purse charges in the incident. An officer spotted a woman matching the robber’s description in the area. She denied robbing the man. Police took her picture, then showed it to the man who said she was the person who robbed him. He reiterated that he did not want to press charges.

Theft: As a loss prevention associate watched as a woman shopping in a store in the 1200 block of South Dixie Highway stuffed items in her purse. She then went to the checkout and paid for shampoo and hair coloring, but not the hidden merchandise. She was stopped as she exited the store. The stolen items, which included cologne and nail polish, totaled $31 and were recovered. The woman was arrested and released with a notice to appear in court.

Drugs: A motorist loitering in the parking lot of a business in the 1500 block of South Dixie Highway aroused the suspicions of a police officer. As he drove toward the car, it took off at high speed, running a stop sign. The officer followed and stopped the vehicle in the 400 block of Hypoluxo Road. While speaking to the driver, the officer detected the smell of pot and asked him if he had any contraband in his possession. The man replied, “Yeah, I got some marijuana underneath my seat …” The officer had the man step out of his vehicle, then searched it. He found two bags containing pot, with a combined weight of 5.4 grams. He arrested the driver and released him with a notice to appear in court.

Theft: A loss prevention associate at a store in the 1200 block of South Dixie Highway saw a man place phone accessories into the pockets on his camouflage jeans while in the women’s lingerie department. The man then walked out of the store without paying for the merchandise. He was stopped and the stolen items, totaling $31, were recovered. Police arrested the man, who had two previous theft convictions. He was taken to the county jail.

Sheriff’s Office, Royal Palm Beach

Criminal mischief: Someone broke the gate arm at the entrance to a community in the 100 block of Cape Ivy Point.

Theft: A license plate was taken from a work truck in the 9200 block of Belvedere Road.

Theft: A tailgate worth $5,000 was removed from a pickup parked at a restaurant in the 11100 block of Southern Boulevard.

Sheriff’s Office, Wellington

Theft: A bicycle was stolen from outside a home in the 1100 block of Hyacinth Place.

Theft: Two recycle bins and the cart holding them were taken from the 11800 block of Osprey Pointe Circle.

Criminal mischief: A vehicle was vandalized outside a facility in the 10100 block of Forest Hill Boulevard. There were multiple vehicle burglaries in the area at the same time.

Sheriff’s Office, Loxahatchee/Acreage

Theft: A bicycle was stolen from a park in the 18000 block of West Sycamore Drive. The unlocked bike was left unattended outside a restroom.

Sheriff’s Office, Greenacres

Criminal mischief: A woman in the 1600 block of 16th Lane heard a loud crash outside her home. She found a chunk of concrete on her front patio, along with pieces of roof tile. It appeared that someone hurled the concrete at her roof, damaging it.

Criminal mischief: A woman in the 400 block of Pine Glen Lane reported that someone keyed her vehicle. She believes her ex-boyfriend did the damage but has no proof.

Theft: A man left his laptop computer with a friend at a facility in the 3700 block of South Jog Road. When he returned, he learned that someone had stolen the computer when his friend left it unattended to go to the restroom. The computer has the “J” key missing.

Theft: A woman parked her trailer in a community overflow lot in the first block of Pickwick Park Drive. When she went to put her registration decal on the trailer’s tag, she found the trailer was gone.

Theft: A man selling an iPhone through OfferUp met with a buyer at a business in the 6300 block of Forest Hill Boulevard. The seller let the buyer check out the phone, and the buyer ran off with it. The value of the phone was $550. Surveillance video captured the incident.