Weed-smoking subway rider gets others high on Harlem train


Some smokin’ straphangers took the high line to Harlem this weekend.

A generous commuter who decided to toke on the train got his whole car in a good mood when he offered to share.

A video posted to Twitter Sunday morning shows the smiling straphanger puffing on a marijuana cigarette — and then playfully passing it along when another passenger complained.

“Everybody’s having a tough day. You can’t just smoke weed,” the teasing train rider tells the smoker, in the video.

The generous ganja-lover gave a blissed out response.

“Would you like to take a pull?” he says to the man next to him.

“Everybody take a pull. Everybody get some good weed!” says the stoner.

The stranger takes a puff, before handing it off to a woman next to him.

“It’s going down. Give it to that man right there,” the polite pothead instructs.

Even the straphanger filming the exchange who initially complained got a turn.


By: Dale W Eisinger, NY Daily News