The 8 Strangest Things TSA Found In Americans’ Luggage Last Year


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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is back to work after the government shutdown.

For those following their hilarious Instagram account that means the laughs are back too.

The TSA finds all sorts of weird things in Americans’ luggage and carry-on. Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg© 2019 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

Luckily for us, not everyone follows the rules. And so the noble men and women behind the TSA put out a video of their best worst finds in 2018.

And… it’s shocking what Americans think they can carry-on .

From literal snakes on the plane to inert mortar rounds, the list runs the gambit. Here’s the eight strangest things the TSA found in Americans’ luggage last year.

And remember, leave your exotic pets at home next time you fly.

  1. Python in a hard drive

Snakes on a plane took nearly a decade  for it to  *almost* happen in real life.

  1. Freddy Krueger’s Hand 

I’m not sure why anyone would own this, let alone pack it!

  1. Wedding-themed hand grenades

Although these are not actual weapons, because they look like they are “a TSA explosives specialist or a police department bomb squad must respond before the bag is ever opened,” says their Instagram account.

Warning that this leads to costly delays, evacuations and missed flights, the TSA recommends to ship any favors that look like weapons.

  1. Your drugs…with a knife?

Obviously, you shouldn’t pack drugs at all. But if you were going to the TSA says that you should definitely not pack your “contraband” next to a knife in your carry-on.

  1. Ceremonial scissors

This bigger question is why someone would own, and need to transport, gigantic scissors.

  1. Bullet-shaped whiskey stones

Although firearms and ammunition can be packed in checked luggage, they are a big no-no for carry-on. Even objects resembling ammunition – like these whiskey stones – aren’t allowed.

  1. A live cat in checked luggage

I’d love to see the footage of the cat being “packed.”

  1. An inert mortar round

This just seems like YOU SHOULDN’T PACK IT. Like, if we can’t bring certain-sized liquids on planes, in what world can you check an inert mortar round?