Superintendent: Kennedy Middle School teacher caught with marijuana


A 60-year-old Kennedy Middle School teacher has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly bringing marijuana to school.

In a voicemail to parents, Germantown School District Superintendent Jeff Holmes said the teacher was put on leave after police were called to the school to confiscate marijuana allegedly brought into the building by the woman.

“The Germantown School District is committed to its drug-free schools policy,” Holmes said in the voicemail. “We will not tolerate any person, whether it be a member of our administration, faculty, staff or a student, bringing drugs to our schools, being intoxicated at school, or using the schools for drug trafficking, or other drug-related misconduct.”

According to Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell, police confiscated a small amount of marijuana, commonly known as a “one-hitter,” specifically a small box or small pipe. Hoell declined to name the teacher. She was arrested and cited for violation of a municipal ordinance for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The district is conducting an investigation with law enforcement while the teacher is on leave, according to Holmes. He also said no students were in jeopardy due to the incident.