Man caught on camera putting bundle of marijuana in wrong mailbox


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A Massachusetts woman was shocked to discover someone had mistakenly put a small bag of marijuana in her mailbox.

Laurel Brown Collins told Boston 25 she doesn’t know the first thing about pot – she doesn’t smoke it and doesn’t have any in her house – so she was shocked when she found 18 grams of the drug in between her bills on Wednesday.

“I don’t even know how much you’re allowed to have,” she said.

A surveillance camera caught the “delivery man” dropping the stash in the mailbox, which investigators believe was destined for another house in the Woburn neighborhood.

The man – wearing a black jacket and a black hat – is seen putting the small bag in the mailbox before walking away.

“To have a drug dealer do that in the middle of the day and at a mailbox that is clearly labeled with not his customer’s name, uh, is kind of ballsy,” Collins said. “It may just lead me to believe that he’s also not that bright if he can’t read the name of where he’s dropping.”

The mother said her biggest concern, though, was what could have happened to her 9-year-old son Andrew, who has autism and lives at home.

“There’s a significant concern he would have opened it and ingested it, certainly would have gotten the effects of it,” said Collins. “Andrew, again, would not have known what it was and it could have caused him harm.”

Woburn police told Boston 25 they don’t have a lead on the “delivery man” and hope the surveillance video will result in some tips from the community. They are treating it as a case of illegal distribution.