English teacher arrested after inner city organic marijuana farm raid


Source – https://thethaiger.com/news/bangkok/english-teacher-arrested-after-inner-city-organic-marijuana-farm-raid

A 46 year old English language teacher has been arrested for allegedly operating an organic marijuana farm and selling the produce online. He was arrested today after a raid on a four level building in Bangkok’s Phayathai inner city district.

Police say that on the third floor of the building, officers found five litres of cannabis oil, 50 plastic pots and 10 sacks of soil, some equipment to extract hashish using heat from two gas tanks, and 50 litres of liquid fertiliser in the indoor greenhouse equipped with lights.

Police extended the arrests of members of a marijuana-dealing gang last July to identify and locate Joseph Sodsaikij, an English language teacher at an international school. Sodsaikij’s alleged operation has been up and running for two to three years, according to Police.

The suspect would allegedly import marijuana seeds from other countries to grow 300 to 400 plants at a time in Thailand. It took four months for the plants to be ready for harvest, and then process into organic marijuana products for distribution. The organic marijuana fetched higher prices than other products on the Thai black market.

The raided building is cheekily located only 400 meters from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board headquarters.

The teacher was initially charged for having marijuana in his possession with intent to sell illegally.