You can now get weed nails that actually smoke


And we don’t mean cool – we mean actually smoking.

Traceylee uploaded a picture of a nail featuring Snoop Dogg – smoking an actual lit blunt.

‘With the 4/20 holiday, I was going to do a weed nail — embed it in acrylic or something like that — but with my schedule, I couldn’t work it out… I couldn’t get the weed,’ she tells Fashionista.

‘Then I remembered about this Snoop nail I’d already created, and I was like, I’m going to put this up [on Instagram].’

She says that the whole thing took her about eight hours from concept to finished product – sketching Snoop in pencil on the nail and then going over it with a fine-tipped marker instead of polish.

You can now get weed nails that actually smoke

Creating the mini blunt, however, was harder.

‘I created the blunt using typical rolling papers. I had to get the scale right; you have to think about how small that was.

‘So it was really hard to get the circle to stay closed. I wound up using like hot glue gun to seal that closed just because it’s so small. And then I just cut it to a smaller size and I used the hot glue gun to stick it to the nail.’

She uploaded the video of the smoking nail to Instagram, where Snoop himself re-posted it along with the caption: Smoke.

Hopefully, that means she’s one step closer to meeting Snoop – who she says has been her idol for the past 20 years.

‘He’s on my bucket list; I’m dying to do his nails. Maybe he’d fly me out there or hit me up when he’s in New York.’

Traceylee’s also gone on to do a Jimi Hendrix version.

So Snoop, over to you.