Demand For Weed-Themed Porn Is On The Rise In America


The connections between cannabis and sex is pretty well-established. Smoking-up a bit before getting freaky can have a number of potential affects on your sexual experiences. But, what you may not know is that weed-themed porn is also becoming popular these days.

“I think porn and weed are sister industries,” Kristel Penn, a spokesperson for Emerald Triangle Girls, the only porn company which exclusively produces weed porn told Rolling Stone. “Each carries its own stigma, misinformation from the outside, and taboo, although both are multi-billion-dollar industries.”

And while porn and marijuana both have their outlaw qualities the real connection between cannabis and pornography, or sex more generally, may be the way affects the mind and body.

“We know that THC is a vasodilator,” says sex educator Ashley Manta. “That’s going to increase blood flow to the area, which is going to increase engorgement with blood, which is one of the things that happens when your body physiologically responds to genital stimulation.”

Certainly, the physical response is there but Manta suggests that really, cannabis increase sexual pleasure by affecting your mood more than anything else.

“Stress, pain, anxiety, being stuck in your head, not feeling pleasurable sensations as readily in your body. And those cannabis can help with.”

Porn meets pot paraphernaia

For their part, many porn actors use cannabis for this exact reason.

“Instead of being stressed out, dealing with crazy traffic, trying to get to set, with everything going on, it just kind of mellows me out,” says performer Richelle Ryan.  “[And] I’ve noticed that when I’m more relaxed, I have better orgasms.”

Some actors have even taken to creating a sort of stoner-image to be used in their personal branding and merchandise.

“All my merchandise and everything that I make is all weed related. I have my own rolling papers and grinders and lighters,” retried porn star Kendra Sunderland explains. “Weed is just a part of who I am, everyone knows I’m a stoner.”

Smoking fetishes

Of course, there’s also the whole market of smoke-fetish—typically associated with cigarette smoking—which can be served by weed porn too.

“There are very specific things that the people who have a smoking fetish are into,” says Ela Darling, a performer, who has quite a bit of smoking porn experience. “Whether you keep your fingers on the cigarette, or you let it go when you take a drag. The way your mouth moves. The way you exhale – if you blow streams when you let it go. It’s minutia that people who masturbate to it pay so much attention to.”

But, you don’t have to be a fetishist to appreciate smoking says Manta.

“You’re watching a phallic-looking thing go into a mouth, and watching it getting sucked on and watching white stuff come out.”

Faking it

However, most porn productions don’t actually allow smoking on set. Consent is a huge issue in the porn industry and performers are strictly forbidden from using any substances that could impede their judgment.

“When we sign the paperwork,” Sunderland explained, “we say, ‘I’m not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs; I’m consenting to taking pictures and having sex on camera.'”

As such, smoking seen in videos is often fake, more of an aesthetic choice than voyeurism of real intoxication.

“Porn that is about women smoking weed is about the fun, carefree attitude associated with marijuana culture,” says Fivestar, a director who has worked with Triangle Girls. “The vibe of the shoots is classy, playful, and sexy. The smoke is a vehicle for storytellingThe storylines are classic and simultaneously contemporary, weaving in new aspects of marijuana indulgence brought about by legalization.”

Many performers also do live, self-produced camshows. In these, the performer is free to do what they please, and if you’re looking for the real-marijuana-smoking-deal this may be the place to look.

“I personally don’t medicate or consume while I’m working,” says Mia Little, performer and president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. “But if I’m making a solo show by myself and literally masturbating while my camera phone is recording, then yes. Why not? It’s my content, I’m the only moving part in it!”

By: Calvin Hughes, Civilized