Sen. John Cornyn Still Against Legalizing Weed and Twitter Is Displeased


his may come as a shock, but Senator John Cornyn is not in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Despite the fact that the Texas Legislature got closer than ever before to passing bills to relax marijuana restrictions during the 85th Biennial Legislative Session, Cornyn has remained steadfastly opposed to the idea.

The state’s senior senator, a Republican, once again reminded Texans of this fact with a tweet he recently issued about New Jersey Senator Cory Booker’s announcement on Tuesday that Booker, a Democrat, was planning to introduce a bill to wipe marijuana out of the Controlled Substances Act entirely.

Pot was added to the list as a Schedule 1 when the Controlled Substances Act was created in 1970, but even Assistant Health Secretary Roger Egeberg noted that the scheduling of the drug was only supposed to be temporary, and he observed that it was questionable whether the drug should be on the list at all. People have been pushing to at least remove it from the Schedule 1 list of drugs that have “no currently accepted medical use” since 1972, without any success.

However, Booker’s proposed legislation would effectively remove federal penalties from marijuana entirely, if it were to make it through the guts of Congress. Right now, the bill doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere — even Booker has already acknowledged the odds of it passing are “slim” — which makes Cornyn’s little jab on Twitter seem all the more petty.

The initial tweet was just sharing a Politico story announcing Booker’s plan to introduce the bill, which made some people (those unaware that Cornyn routinely retweets articles without any comment either way on the issue therein) a little hopeful that he would back Booker at first.

However, a Texas reporter soon cleared things up by asking, via Twitter, if Cornyn meant the tweet as an endorsement.

“Big mistake,” Cornyn replied.