Veterinarians consider medical marijuana for pets


Now there is a new way to treat your ailing pets that’s creating some controversy.

With more people using marijuana for medicinal purposes, now vets and pet owners are doing the same thing.

New edibles and oils contain canna-binol or CBD. Some veterinarians say it doesn’t get pets high, but has healing properties without the potential harm of traditional pharmaceuticals.

“They can cause stomach upset, kidney damage, or liver damage,” Veterinarian Tim Shu said. “A lot of pets are unable to handle the harsher side effects of some of those medications.”

Cannabis pet products are not yet regulated and the California Veterinary Medical Association says vets are legally barred from prescribing or recommending them.

Marijuana is legal in 29 states, plus the District of Columbia and illegal under federal law. Some vets say there isn’t enough data to show that it’s safe for all.