Francis Ford Coppola Goes From Wine To Weed With New Cannabis Lifestyle Company


It’s officially lights, camera, cannabis for legendary filmmaker-turned-winemaker-turned-hotelier Francis Ford Coppola.

Following in the footsteps of Constellation Brands, which owns multiple major vineyards in the area and announced a $4 billion minority investment in Canopy Growth, Coppola’s new venture is a pursuit independent from The Family Coppola, anchored in Sonoma County with Hideaways around the world. Named for an original Sanskrit term for marijuana, Coppola’s cannabis endeavor will operate under Sána Company LLC.

The company said its intention is to “give life to a progressive vision for pioneering the highest-quality, sun-grown cannabis products through sustainable farming.”

Since California legalized the recreational use of marijuana earlier this year, the wine and weed industries are ever-aligning from the launch of Rebel Coast’s cannabis infused Sauvignon Blanc to the growth of TSO Sonoma’s signature Elevated Events.

“Wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature, linked by great care, terroir and temperateness,” Coppola said in a statement. “Expertise making one applies to the other. As with growing grapes, location matters, and The Grower’s Series reflects California agricultural expertise creating a true blend of art and science.”