Ask a Stoner: Can I Still Find Swag in Colorado?


Dear Stoner: Could I find swag or mids around here even if I wanted to?
Bargain Hunter

Dear Hunter: Probably not at a dispensary — at least not that anyone would admit. I’m sure there are still a few pot shops out there selling bunk shit-weed in pre-rolls and cheap ounces, but no one’s admitting that it’s swag. Buying off the street is a different story, but finding swag bags is getting harder in Colorado, thanks to the proliferation of hydroponics and shared growing techniques. And most of the people selling swag are likely selling in large qualities or in shady situations that you don’t want to find yourself in anyway.

You could go into Texas, Nebraska or Oklahoma and find some swag there much more easily, in what would could be the first-ever case of someone taking weed from Texas, Nebraska or Oklahoma and bringing it into Colorado. That’s too much work for shitty weed, though. Just look for high-CBD strains with less THC, or stick to a one-hitter.

By: Hubert Fuego, Westword