Dab Rigs vs. E-nails – Which Should You Buy


Dab Rigs:

Dab rigs are the rigs known by some other names such as oil rags or dab rigs, and it has rapidly become of the most famous choices for modern smokers. These are the devices made with the consistency of oil and wax which is the focus and preferred by many of the smokers because of its instinctive outlook and an extraordinary standard of performance.

Rigsare comprisedof simple pipes of water with a nail attached in it, but this standard view has become strange in these current years. The main benefit of these modern rigs is its portability. Modern dab rigs are much smaller.


E-nailsare also known as electric dab rigs; this just rapidly develops in the queue of famous ways of smoking and vaporizing. The function of e-nailsand electric dab rigs are much likely with each other to dab the rigs, but this is much easiest and expedient to operate. With a simple dab rig, you will be needed to heat the nail yourself with the help of a torch, but with an E-nailor electric dab rig, you will not be needed a torch for heating.

E-nailsand electric dab rigs characterized in the similar components such as titanium or quartz nail, it just needed simple electric supply to heat up the nail, it simply means that electric dab rigs are much safe to use as compared to simple dab rigs, they are even much convenient too.

Electric Dab Rig (E-Nail) vs. Regular Dab Rig

So now we will let you know about the difference between both the dab rigs and which one is more convenient to use and effective to buy.


Electric dab rigs will need some setup. You will be required to cover the coil all over to your rig to make it balance. You will have to examine the coil, the cords, and the unit. Assure that all the objects are in accuratecondition to work before you justbegin to use it. Due to these setting, some of the individuals favored using portable electric dab rigs, for using it you justhave to charge it completely.

As compared to it, regular dab rigs are just direct; they do not need any setup. You justhave to take everything on the table with a torch, and you can just begin to dab.


All the electronic dab rigs have temperature control, so you can easily get your intended temperature for dabbing and hold it. In some dabbing rigs, you can go high up to 700; it also depends on the model of dabbing rig. Your electronic rig is also able to let you know that now it is ready to use by its attached indicator light. In some of the brands, you can get your intended temperature in just 19 seconds.

For using regular dab rigs, you should be much familiar and capable, as these types of dab nail are in need ofmuch conscious observation. You will be needed to carefully observe that when the nail is going to react to the torch. It is not like e-dab rig as it is not having any temperature indicator or limiters.

Sizes of Dab:

For both electronic and regular dab rigs, you can get your desired size, but keep in mind that small electronic rigs will provide you limited dabs, you can justdo small dabbing with it due to its small size of the nail.


Electronic dab is a bit safer than regular dabs. Some of the modern electronic dabs are having covered coil within the rig so by this you can safely dab without any occurrence of accidents. The electronic rigs having uncovered coils can be the cause of fire hazard if not observed inaccurate way.

On the contrary, regular dabs are also a risk due to the presence of direct fire, it can also be the reason for accidents, and you have to keep an eye on the hotness of nail.

From the above-mentioned points,you can determine which one will be suitable for you to dab, as we have clearlymentioned about every core point. Whatever you want to buy for dabbing, each device is available on Big Daddy Smoke, consider it while making a choice.