710 Labs Founder Talks Lesser Known Weed Holiday


710 could be the next 420.

NowThis sat with 710 Labs founder Brad Melshenker to learn more about who and where the weed-friendly holiday began.

“In 2009, when I moved [to Colorado] and started doing this was the first time I heard people use the word ‘710’.  I thought it was an area code up in Northern California, or actually, it was a highway. The 710 Freeway, I thought was related to it.” he explained. “I didn’t really know, I was doing research, and then I realized it was OIL spelled upside down, so I was like, this can’t be, these cannabis guys gotta be smarter than this. This is all it is?”

But 710 is exactly that. “Oil” is a catch-all term for concentrates, extracts, and other hash products. And hash connoisseurs all over the country celebrate all things hash on 710 — which msotely entails doing dabs. Dabbing can definitely create a way more intense high than smoking normal weed — something Melshenker learned firsthand.

“In 2008, I came across a place in Encino called Kind Meds, and they had a full hash bar, and I didn’t know anything about hash oil, I didn’t know anything about dabbing,” he explained. “I was very new to it, and the first time my buddy took me there, I took a dab for me first time and there were waitresses coming around with Lakers games on and they’re like, ‘You want this cocktail or this cocktail?’ and I’m like holy sh*t, this is a new world. What is going on here? I couldn’t drive afterwards.”

Melshenker’s first time dabbing definitely isn’t unusual, so if you don’t know how to dab, be careful when partaking in 710-friendly practices.