Top policeman says that weed ‘should be sold in off-licences’ in Britain

Top policeman says that weed ‘should be sold in off-licences’ in Britain


A top policeman has said that alcohol causes ‘a lot more harm’ than cannabis, and that drugs should be sold in retailers such as off-licences.

The North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones says that cannabis should be sold over-the-counter in licensed premises – and that hard drugs such as cocaine should be available on prescription.

He said, ‘I want to see drugs controlled and sold by responsible retailers similar to off-licences that sell alcohol.

‘I don’t see a difference between the use of alcohol and the use of cannabis. If we went back to day one, and we were legislating this again I’m sure people would realise that alcohol causes a lot more harm than cannabis does and I think the categorisation would reflect that.

‘But we are where we are, alcohol is legal and cannabis is illegal and it is illogical to have it like that.’


A marijuana activist and smoker showcases five fine rolled blunts ready to be smoked at the Pro Cannabis Rally 2014 in London. UK 20/04 2014. (Photo by: PYMCA/UIG via Getty Images)



A poll last year found that nearly half of Britons now back legalisation.

The poll of 2,000 people by survey company ORB found that 47% of people now back legalising cannabis for sale through licensed shops.

In America, legalising cannabis seems like a near-unstoppable force – and a study argued that the British government would be £1 billion a year better off if we followed suit.

The study, commissioned by the Liberal Democrats and conducted by a panel of scientists, academics and police chiefs, suggested that the drug should be available in specialist shops to over-18s.

-By: Rob Waugh, Metro UK



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