People of Estonian District Actually Might Get Their Weed Flag


The Kanepi municipality of Estonia has a very 420-friendly flag now. I guess it’s only appropriate, seeing as how “kanep” means cannabis in Estonian. Citizens of the new-ish district voted to have a weed leaf adorn both their flag and coat of arms. 12,000 of the 15,000 votes cast were in favor of a weed-inspired design, according to Mayor Andrus Seeme, who was set on obeying the public’s wishes.

As the BBC reports, Kanepi was established in July as a result of local government shakeups. The southeast district is the merger of three previously separate districts of the country. The design is definitely being taken seriously, despite the fact that weed is illegal in Estonia. It’s been sent off to the capital to the Heraldry Department of the State Chancellery for approval. “Cannabis has been used as a heraldic symbol for a long time,” said government official Gert Uiboe. “It is up to the local government to decide exactly what symbols and ideas they want.”

The design beat out 23 others that were submitted as part of a contest in December. The rural municipality evaluation committee narrowed it down to seven before leaving it to the people to vote on their favorite. Ultimately, the final call will be made by the Kanepi Rural Municipality Council once the design is approved by the State Chancellery.