Tennessee Department of Health takes aim at Cannabis with public health advisory


NASHVILLE, Tenn.–The Tennessee Department of Health has taken aim at Cannabis with a health advisory to residents about the risks from using marijuana and hemp.

TDH pointed to evidence and risks in the advisory, stating marijuana is addictive and 1 in 11 adults who use it will become addicted. The advisory states last year, 2,182 people were admitted to state-funded substance use treatment services in Tennessee for marijuana use, more than heroin or cocaine.

Other warnings issued in the advisory add marijuana can be harmful to a fetus if smoked by a pregnant mother, resulting in low birth weight which can be a risk factor for death in the first year of life when the child is born.

The report also cites a study by the National Academies in 2017 which found marijuana use could cause the development of psychoses such as schizophrenia and also increase risk of motor vehicle crashes.

While the advisory did note there are some conditions where Cannabis-derived medications are useful, the department says there is not sufficient evidence to show any forms of Cannabis, including hemp, are safe and effective medications.