Phyto Animal Health, Subsidiary Of Medical Marijuana Inc. Launches Vitality 3G Oral Concentrate


Marijuana Inc. (OTCMKTS:MJNA) subsidiary Phyto Animal Health has launched a cannabidiol (CBD) pet product; Vitality 3G Oral Concentrate. It is the newest addition for the company’s product line according to Phyto Animal Health CEO Ian Quinn. The new supplement contains decarboxylated CBD in its unfiltered oil. This means it will effectively maximize CBD content and it will also serve as an all-natural health management supplement.

The company’s Veterinary Advisory Board and CBD experts have endorsed the full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. Veterinary clinicians and animal hospitals will be the biggest beneficiaries of its benefits. It is naturally abundant in essential fatty acids and additional natural cannabinoid compounds commonly found in Hemp.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s mission is to be hemp industry innovators

Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus notes, “It’s encouraging to see the tremendous growth and acceptance the veterinary field has made in cannabis over the past few years.”

In the recent past, the cannabis industry has been experiencing enormous growth; thanks to the massive investment from various investors. Titus confirms that there has been rapid innovation in the product offering not only for humans but also for other species. This is the same innovation the company is tapping into to remain relevant in the industry.

The company’s team of professionals has been researching and evaluating products from other value-added companies. This they believe will give them an upper hand in creating awareness within the industry. Meanwhile, Phyto Animal Health endeavors to offer nutritional support to cats, dogs, and horses.

Other news related to Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Kannaway, another Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s subsidiary was in the list of the 10 Key Players to Watch in the Cannabis Industry. The listing by Technology Headlines Magazine is one of the biggest milestones the company has achieved.

Kannaway is a network sales and marketing company. According to its CEO Blake Schroeder, this sort of media coverage is a plus in helping the company accomplish its expansion mission. The company has an exclusive line of cannabis products and over the years, it has created quality-driven products. Through a weekly online sales meetings and conferences, the company has been offering insights and opportunities to sales professionals.



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