ND Department of Health Touches on Rules of Medical Marijuana Ads


Medical marijuana is coming to more states, including North Dakota, but a new study says ads could lead to teens using it for other reasons.

North Dakota Department of Health staff say rules were drafted for their medical marijuana program, effective April 1st of 2018.

They were aware of potential concerns and risks due to advertising and marketing.

Rules were issued about what a dispensary or a manufacturing facility may put on their website, including logos.

“And then the rules require that any marketing or advertising not specifically enlisted in the rules need to attain department approval before a dispensary or manufacturing facility were to use some sort of advertising,” said Jason Wahl, the Medical Marijuana Division Director with the North Dakota Department of Health.

As they move forward with implementation of the program, they will decide what needs to be portrayed through advertisements to specify the drug as medical.

By: Jessie Cohen, KVRR