Exposure To Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Can Harm Your Health


According to the findings of a recent study, secondhand exposure to marijuana smoke can be as harmful as secondhand smoke from tobacco. The study said that exposure to smoke from cannabis can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases too.

The researchers from the UC San Francisco also said that even a minute of exposure to marijuana smoke can be harmful in the long term. The researchers reached the conclusion after evaluating the data gathered from animals in the laboratory.

During the study, the researchers noted that marijuana smoke can delay or slow the blood flow and can prevent blood vessels from widening, this can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases including a heart attack and even a stroke.

Commenting on the findings, the lead author of the research, Matthew Springer said that the arteries can sense the increase of blood flow in a living being’s body and hence they dilate in order to allow the blood to pass to different organs. However, marijuana smoke hinders this function preventing the arteries to dilate for the proper passage of blood.

In order to reach the findings, the researchers conducted experiments on laboratory rats where they exposed the rodents to marijuana and tobacco smoke. The smoke was pumped into a sealed chamber to the same level as the smoke found in pubs and restaurants, the animals were then placed inside the chamber for one minute. After observation, the researchers found out that the flow-mediated dilation (FMD) of arteries in the rats decreased by almost half and it took them about 90 minutes to recover and come to a normal pace.

The researchers also noted that that the effect of marijuana smoke was similar to tobacco smoke when it came o the FMD levels. However, it was seen that the effect of marijuana induced delay stayed three times longer than the ones by tobacco.