Department of Health submits rules for managing medical marijuana


Progress has been slow, but the North Dakota Department of Health has created rules to guide the state’s medical marijuana program. Nearly seven months after being signed into law, by Gov. Burgum, and nearly a year after voters approved the measure, the department of health submitted rules on how to regulate the state’s medical marijuana program.

“They were drafted in a manner by looking at various other states and taking into consideration safety of the patient,” said Jason Wahl, interim director for the Division of Medical Marijuana.

If approved, the department of health would begin accepting applications for licenses to manufacture or dispense marijuana. Wahl says there is interest around the state.

“The department did send out a request for letters of intent to apply for compassion centers- which would be your manufacturing facilities and dispensaries. Over 100 letters did come in,” said Wahl.

The law only allows for two manufacturers and eight dispensaries throughout the state. To increase access, the proposed rules would allow dispensaries to deliver to a patient’s home.

If the rules are approved, Wahl expects patients will be waiting months for medical marijuana.

“We’re anticipating that usable marijuana will be available in 11-13 months,” said Wahl.

If the rules submitted today aren’t given the go-ahead, Wahl expects patients will be waiting until 2019. There will be six hearings open to the public from Dec. 11 through the 14.

Here is the document: