Whoopi Goldberg brings her cannabis products to Colorado


DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL – Whoopi Goldberg is bringing her medical marijuana products designed specifically for women to Colorado dispensaries.

Hollywood celebrity Goldberg founded her company “Whoopi & Maya” in 2016 and had been selling medical marijuana products in about 300 dispensaries in California. She is one of many celebrities backing marijuana businesses. As reported in USA Today, Bob Marley’s family has partnered with a cannabis company to produce Marley Natural products, and Snoop Dogg backs Leafs by Snoop.

But Goldberg’s products are designed f or women and aim to reduce pain and cramps from menstruation.

RMZ Colorado, cannabis-infused product manufacturer, said the Whoopi & Maya products, which include topical and edibles, will be available in 10 Colorado dispensaries beginning Nov. 15, including GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique, The Kind Room and Bonfire Cannabis Company in Denver.