Toronto Maple Leafs, Snoop Dogg in legal fight over cannabis brand

Toronto Maple Leafs, Snoop Dogg in legal fight over cannabis brand


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Drake vs. Kanye. Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne. Snoop Dogg vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs?

There’s nothing personal about the latest beef involving a famous rapper. It’s just business.

TSN reported in 2016 that the Leafs would oppose Snoop’s attempt to trademark “Leafs by Snoop” for use in a line of cannabis and related products.

Now, according to a report in The Independent, lawyers representing the Leafs have issued a filing elaborating on their concerns, claiming that the “unusual spelling of Leafs could lead to confusion.”

The Leafs also argue that the “Leafs by Snoop” logo is too similar to theirs. Design firm Pentagram says on its website that it created the logo to “appeal to a wide audience” while capturing “Snoop’s unique personality and style.”

Neither Snoop nor the Leafs have commented publicly on the legal fight.



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