Tiny Harris Caught Smoking Weed In The Club — Video Leaks After Pregnancy Scare


It seems that diva Tiny Harris has babies on her mind, but meanwhile, she is having fun and smoking weed in the club.

With Kim Kardashian welcoming her bundle of joy and Beyoncé giving birth to twins, Tiny is ready to tell her husband, T.I., that she wants to be a mom again.

According to new reports, Tiny had a pregnancy scare last week, and now, she is telling her spouse that giving baby Heiress a sibling would be a blessing.

While she has her career back on track with Xscape, plans to open several new businesses this year, Tiny feels that her biological clock is ticking and would love to have lucky number 8.

The couple has three biological children together four from other relationships.

A source told Hollywood Life: “There’s a large part of Tiny that believes having another baby with T.I. will bring them closer together. On a rational level, Tiny knows that is crazy, but she is coming from an emotional place, so logic and common sense do not factor in.”

The insider went on to reveal: “There’s no doubting that Tiny and T.I. make beautiful kids together, and she is aware of her biological clock ticking, so she would love to have another baby before that choice is taken away from her.”

A second source had this to say about the pregnancy scare: “There have been a few days last week where Tiny thought she was pregnant. She was late, and she started saying she thought she might be pregnant. She knows Tip wants more kids with her and she is starting to think that way too.”

The family friend went on to say that Tiny was disappointed to not have a bun in the oven.

The snitch shared: “She went and took a pregnancy test, and it turned out that she is not pregnant and it was a bit of a letdown. But the way she and TIP go at it, like a couple of rabbits, it is only a matter of time before she gets pregnant again. Everyone in her family is teasing them about it, but it is not a joke, it is more of a prediction.”

Fans would love to see Heiress with a baby brother or sister.