The Game May Be Forced To Cough Up Weed Profits As Part...

The Game May Be Forced To Cough Up Weed Profits As Part Of Sexual Battery Lawsuit Judgment


The Game’s weed business has reportedly been subpoenaed.

Priscilla Rainey isn’t giving up on collecting her $7 million from The Game. Back in March, Priscilla (who won a judgment against The Game after alleging that he groped her bare vagina and buttocks) is coming after the rapper for a second time asking him to prove his assets. According to The Blast, instead of presenting his usual assets to the judge such as his numerous cars and his $2.7 million home in Calabasas, Priscilla is now going after his marijuana investment fund, Trees By Game, LLC.

Priscilla sent a subpoena to the company demanding information on how much money the company has made as well as the profits in hopes of finally collecting her money.

Priscilla was previously a contestant on The Games’ VH1 show “She’s Got Game” and claimed the rapper violated her backstage. When the case was first filed, The Game clapped back calling her a liar saying everyone else on set knows he did not go near her.

“Every girl on that show will tell u I never touched this chick or ever desired to be anywhere near her. She got kicked off the show & as a result she filed this lame lawsuit which was probably her intentions before the show was ever even started,” he wrote on Instagram. “She was begging for my attention the entire time we shot the show & was given the ultimate Major League Baseball CURVE ball so that upset her & made her lil wee wee hard so she did what all chicks like her do when life gives them no other options…. They sue you.”



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