Ricki Lake discusses her latest documentary ‘Weed the People’


You probably know Ricki Lake best as a ’90s staple in living rooms across America thanks to her talk show “Ricki Lake.” For more than a decade, the actress and TV host was the woman who put a spotlight on the lives of individuals who wanted to speak their truth. In 2001, after experiencing 9/11 from her apartment in the West Village, she took her curiosity for people and hunger for storytelling and turned the next stage of her life into a fulfilling producing career, which includes 2008’s “The Business of Being Born,” a documentary which unmasked the stigma behind home births and traditional birthing experiences in hospitals.

Ten years later, she’s presenting her third documentary, “Weed the People.” The producer digs deep into the effectiveness of medical marijuana and the gatekeepers around its restriction. By documenting families whose children have different forms of cancer — but who are all fighting for their lives — Lake puts forth an eye-opening documentary that might one day save lives.

Ricki Lake spoke with amNewYork about the film, out Friday.