On ‘Family Feud,’ Weed Is Top Answer For Dealing With Mother-In-Law


This is holiday season and that means one thing for many—spending time with family. Depending on your disposition, you either read that one of two ways: You heard, spending time with family, and a light twinkling smile formed around your eyes and your shoulders lightened. Or you’re part of the other half. Dread fills your limbs and a subtle headache appears almost out of nowhere, as you realize, I’m spending time with the family.

That was the attitude the producers of Family Feud took in a recent episode. “What do you reach for when you hear your mother-in-law is coming over?” host Steve Harvey asked.

“Weed and or medicine,” said to a dumbfounded Harvey. “In Colorado, of course,” one of the family members added.

Harvey looked seriously at them. “Anywhere,” he said. “I thought that answer but didn’t think it’d be up there.”

“Weed/A Fatty” was in fact one of the seven most popular answers. “Booze” unsurprisingly received the top spot while the keys and lock weren’t far behind. Watch the full clip above.