Cynthia Nixon Vows to Legalize Weed in New York If She Wins...

Cynthia Nixon Vows to Legalize Weed in New York If She Wins Governorship


Let me find out that Cynthia Nixon is serious as a heart attack when it comes to moving into that New York governor’s mansion in 2019.

As reported on earlier by The Root, the actress and longtime public schools activist recently hired kick-ass consultant L. Joy Williams to advise her campaign, and now she’s taking her progressive marijuana platform to the people, calling recreational legalization of the sticky-icky in New York a “racial justice issue.”

That’s right, Miranda, er, Nixon, according to the New York Daily News, doubled down on her support of legalizing marijuana in the state and said that she would prioritize neighborhoods of color in getting the licenses to sell it when it happens.

“If you are black or Latino, you are 10 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis than if you are white. And that’s not right,” she said to cheers at a pro-legalization Cannabis Parade on Union Square on Saturday. “It will follow you for the rest of your life, that arrest, and it will make it harder for you to get a job and it will make it harder for you to get a place to live.”

Medical marijuana has been legal in New York since 2016, but falls woefully behind other states in the nation in terms of its recreational use, although New York City is apparently the smokingest-tokingest place in the whole entire world.

Nixon’s opponent for the governor’s race, Andrew Cuomo, has in recent weeks softened his stance on marijuana legalization, many believe in response to Nixon’s position that current marijuana laws unfairly target and incarcerate people of color.

“It’s really important for New York to be a progressive leader again,” added the former Sex and the City star.

By: Angela Helm, The Root



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