Former EastEnders Star Pat Butcher Smokes Weed for New ITV Show


If you’re the sort of person who loves the UK’s favourite Cockney soap EastEnders, you’ll remember the character Pat Butcher.

Played by veteran actor Pam St. Clement, ciggie-loving Pat was never spotted without her iconic earrings and pink lipstick. Of course, she also bloody loved a smoke and a fight.

But now a year after Pat’s last appearance in the soap, audiences can get ready to see her puffing on something a bit stronger.

St. Clement will be shown trying cannabis at an ‘alternative’ art class as she joins other celebrities on a US road-trip for ITV’s new three-part series Gone To Pot.

As well as being shown smoking on a spliff at the art class, St. Clement will also be shown puffing on a bong in the show which starts next Monday night.

Other celebrities joining St. Clement on the trip include Loose Women’s Linda Robson, pantomime veteran Christopher Biggins, the ‘King of Darts’ Bobby George and former Gladiators presenter John Fashanu.

Credit: ITV/Gone To Pot 

“We were taken to this warehouse… there were easels, tables and chairs,” St Clement told the Sun.

“We jumped in with both feet and sat down and started to paint this cactus.

“The guy came round with this joint and I took a puff, and Bobby took a puff then we got on with this painting.

“I thought, ‘Oh well, this is a terrible painting and I don’t know what to do with it’. I made it into an alien in the end. It wasn’t a cactus at all.”

Gone To Pot will follow the five entertainers as they make their way across America investigating the highs and lows of marijuana culture.

St. Clement is shown trying the drug during the £40 (US$53) ‘Pass, Puff and Paint’ class, and again when the group visits a weed farm run by nuns.

Credit: ITV/Gone To Pot

Word is that the art session was reduced to chaos after the class teacher switched the joint for the bong, leaving St. Clement and Bobby George almost literally floored.

“This person came along with a glass bowl thing with a pipe and a stem with an open top, like a mini bong,” St. Clement said.

“It was very delicate, and she gave it to Linda then to me and she said, “Take a puff’.”

“So I took a puff and she said, ‘Oh! That’s enough! That’s enough!’ and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this must be powerful’.”

“I passed it on to Bobby and within five to ten minutes me and Bobby were virtually on the floor laughing. It was so funny.”

St. Clement enjoyed getting high, calling the experience ‘refreshing’. If Gone To Pot itself makes us dissolve into fits of laughter, it will be worth it.