VICTORY in Desert Hot Springs


Last night G FarmaLabs California was approved for a conditional use permit with an interim cultivation component to erect 80,000sf of greenhouse and utilize the 2016 & 2017 summer seasons. The Desert Hot Springs council voted 5-0 after much consideration…

As I sat there with almost fifty G FarmaLabs Team members, it all seemed surreal! Our consultants and our COO presented the project to council members for consideration and then public comments were allowed and then the council went through a tremendous amount of back and forth on the project. This was not a bad thing, it was not the first conditional use permit issued by council but what was different about the G FarmaLabs project was the interim grow that was attached to its conditional use permit.

Let’s go back almost eighteen months… I was the CEO of G FarmaLabs and my goal was to get the brand licensed in Washington State and California which was not a structured state yet but I was always looking for that city, the one who would begin to change the landscape of the state. After what seemed an eternity of searching, finally something popped up on our radar… Our California attorney, Jason Ryan Thompson called me one day and told me to look into Desert Hot Springs. It was in the middle of nowhere but they were doing what no other city was doing at the time, welcoming the Cannabis industry with open arms.

I looked at our financials to see what budget I had available to purchase a property. I knew that every penny that we had extra was being used to put back into operations. Whether it was packaging, machinery, marketing or new product launches, we were always tapped out. I come from the school of figuring things out, I never say anything is impossible because that limits our minds to dream and conquer. We would find a way!

I brought in a group that promised to finance our growth, I quickly learned a hard lesson. As I exposed Desert Hot Springs to the group, I contacted a real estate agent and talked to him about becoming an expert in the area and finding us property there, I was just wasting time! While I was busy in so many aspects of the company, I put this group of investors together with the realtor and trusted they would find the right property for G FarmaLabs. They found the right property alright, except they quickly realized to screw us over in the deal and purchase it for themselves.

Look guys, it’s been a long road to get to the point that the company sits today. As the Founder and main consultant for G FarmaLabs, I have experienced a lot of disappointments, I have sat with countless groups looking for cash and or help in one way or the other to move the brand forward. The millionaires and billionaires in America or their representatives have all passed by my office. None were looking to invest, they were just doing their due diligence in a new industry that is attracting the who’s who of the American economy. It’s kept G FarmaBrands from giving up almost no equity thus far, so looking back, we appreciate the struggle!

After realizing that at best, I was just taking a crash course into pitching investors, I got sick of all that and decided to take a different strategy. Nothing was going to deter me from making sure the brand would be licensed in California. Finally we were successful at purchasing a seven acre parcel, the same one that was in front of council Tuesday for approval. It was surreal, nobody up there understood the industry yet, nobody understood that a big checkbook is just going to burn through cash in order to get the experience.

Due to our experience in the cannabis industry we introduced a program that had not been thought of by any of the other cultivator. We didn’t do it to be slick, we simply did it because we know how difficult it is to raise capital and even if we could, it would be debt that comes at a high interest rate. I consulted the C Suite at G FarmaBrands into proposing to the City the idea of allowing them to do a grow for the 2016 & 2017 Summer seasons. This was common sense to me, it’s been well documented that when I moved to Northern California, I was almost homeless after loosing all my money in the music industry after the real estate melt-down.

It was some soil, a clone, water and hard work as a farmer that helped me begin to get out of my hole and start creating G FarmaBrands years later. Therefore as I saw them trying to compete against multi-million dollar investments that are coming into Desert Hot Springs, it was natural for my mind to utilize experience and sweat equity rather than a fat checkbook. This is what prompted discussions with our construction consultants to give our CUP a twist and propose something different than what had been proposed to the City in the past. It might be late for anyone else to take advantage of this idea or concept this year but believe me, again, we lead the way for others to do the same and create their future empires off their hard work and compete against some of the wealthy groups that are coming into the industry and throwing millions at it.

All this was going through my mind last night as the council was going back and forth about this project. We were just asking to allow us to start growing now to help self fund our facilities. Our Team was in the building and they too were ready to hear what we have all been working towards for over a year, a city license for G FarmaLabs California, finally someone who welcomed us and wanted our industry! On a 5-0 vote G FarmaLabs was approved by the city and now can begin erecting its interim greenhouses to pour their sweat into the project to help fund G FarmaPark!

I want to thank the whole G Farma Team for being so amazing. Every Team member is as important as the next, if it wasn’t for such an amazing united effort, this wouldn’t be possible. Those that doubted us, ha!!!! I won’t even waste my time on you! Those who follow us and then go act like they are experienced, ha… to you too… You guys know who I’m talking to… The vision is strong, the team is amazing, the experience is second to none… I am so proud to see a team that I put in place be such hustlers and winners! Man, I’m a proud parent, lol…

I have to thank our Team at MSA Consulting who worked like animals to make this all happen. Paul, Mike, Chris, we gave you a taste of what it’s like to be a G Farma Team member. They too would call us and tell us, we couldn’t sleep last night! Lol… Welcome to our world at G Farma. Corporate culture starts at the top and trickles all the way down right Paul? Well my apologies for keeping the blood pressure high at all times! We don’t look at hours in a workday at G Farma, we work by the task or by the project. If something takes sixteen hours, we stay seventeen. The regular 9-5 employee will never be able to work under this culture.

Last but not least I have to give a standing ovation with hands clapping to our CEO Dr. Cristina Gonzalez and her COO Berto Torres who has been her right hand man throughout every step of the way. He has hustled with no sleep for months in order to accomplish all things which we are accomplishing as we speak. You both rock!!! Again, I thank each and everyone who makes G FarmaLabs reality everyday! Thanks to Desert Hot Springs for making this a reality for us…