Three arrested in Kingston drug bust: 50 lbs. of marijuana, guns, cash seized


Three individuals were arrested following a search warrant at a Kingston residence on Monday, Nov. 5, according to Pickaway County Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff. As a result of the search, over 50 pounds of marijuana, weapons, and cash were seized.

“On Nov. 5 at 12:42 p.m., the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at 12175 Heffner Road, Kingston, at the home of Mark J. Streitenberger,” said Radcliff.

Tactical entry was made by The Pickaway County Sheriff’s SRT unit, said Radcliff.

“At the residence at the time of the search warrant was Mark J. Streitenberger, 43, of Kingston, Ronjalee Kempton,43, of Circleville, and Quinton S. Wagner,24, of Amanda,” Radcliff said. “During the search of the residence and the property on Heffner Road, deputies seized over 51 pounds of marijuana, 15 guns, and over $11,000 cash.”

Streitenberger, Kempton, and Wagner were arrested and transported to the Pickaway County Jail, charged with Trafficking in Drugs and Possession of Drugs, both first-degree felonies.

“I would like to thank the U.S. 23 Major Crimes Task Force, the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in the investigation, as well as Ohio BCI&I, the Fairfield Major Crimes Unit, Circleville Police Department, and the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance with the search.”

Radcliff spoke to the Herald regarding concerns individuals expressed via social media following the search warrant and resulting arrests. He says it is important for the public to realize that until marijuana is made legal in Ohio, possessing it is “still a crime”.

“People tend to forget that marijuana is still illegal in the state of Ohio. You can have personal views about whether or not marijuana should be legal, but it is not legal now, and we have to enforce the law,” said Radcliff. “You have to also consider the amount of cash and weapons in the house. There could have easily been heroin or meth present as well, as it is common anytime a large amount of marijuana is present that heroin and other drugs are also present. We are not talking about finding a joint or a little baggie of marijuana here, we are talking about 50 pounds. Obviously, it was not intended for recreational use by the individuals in the house.”

He also spoke of comments on social media that the arrests and search warrant coincided with Election Day.

“We are out there doing what we have to do, and we have to act when the opportunity presents itself, and that’s what we did,” said Radcliff. “You can’t sit on it because of what day of the week it is. You have to act on what information you have and move on it quickly. No one was hurt, and we will continue to do our job. When the laws change, we will adapt to the changing laws, but we have to move on information we have and enforce the laws that are in place now.”

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the case.