Police dog sniffs out 14 pounds of marijuana during traffic stop


HERNANDO, Miss. – Get this dog a treat!

A K-9 for the Hernando Police Department made a whale of a drug bust Tuesday night during a traffic stop.

The Hernando Police Department posted to its Facebook page that the dog sniffed out 14 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop on I-55 around 11:30 p.m.

37-year-old Alvin Johnson was charged with possession with intent to sell, false ID, careless driving, no insurance, and an additional felony weapons charge is being investigated and is forthcoming.

The dog’s name is Luna. She is the newest K-9 officer to hit the streets in Hernando.

“Luna is the newest officer to our staff. She got out on the street since April. We have two guys that work full-time on the interstate now, and they have netted about two dozen arrests,” Chief Scott Worsham said.

Luna has already been a part of dozens of felony arrests on the interstate.