Marion police find marijuana grow operation in residence after receiving complaint


A man was arrested and received several charges after Marion Police officers, responding to a call complaining of possible drug activity, arrived at a residence and found a “marijuana growing operation” in the basement of the house.

According to a Marion Police media release, police responded Thursday to 985 Valleyview Drive in Marion after receiving the drug activity complaint. There, they encountered Antonio Beard, 28, and four children, the oldest six-years-old, in the residence. Officers said they could smell the “overwhelming odor of marijuana” coming from within the residence, according to the release. They obtained a search warrant, and returned to search the house.

After officers found the marijuana growing area in the basement of the house, they had the residents vacate the home so it could be cleaned of the growing operation, in accordance with the requirements of Marion City Ordinance 49A CLANDESTINE LABORATORIES/GROW OPERATIONS. Also per the code, a placard of “No Occupancy” was placed upon the door to indicate that the house was not to be occupied until the resident could “certify that the hazardous substance associated with a clandestine laboratory/grow operation process (including but not limited too: chemicals, chemical residues, mold, fungus, and/or other toxins) have been reduce or eliminated to the point that it is again safe to occupy the structure,” according to city code.

In addition to the marijuana grow, Beard was arrested on outstanding warrants, according to the release, and was charged with failure to appear/possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to appear / assault causing bodily injury — domestic assault, violation of a no contact order, manufacturing a controlled substance, failure to affix a drug tax stamp, possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), and child endangerment. Xena Mora, 24, the other adult found in the residence, was charged with keeping a disorderly house.

Mora was released from the scene, whereas Beard was transported to the Linn County Jail, according to the release.