Marijuana grow house busted in SW Cape Coral


Pablo Rivas, 43, is now facing charges of cultivating and trafficking marijuana. Police said he owns the home where they found trash bags and tubs full of illegal drugs.

Police said they saw Rivas loading what appeared to be grow house material into his car Tuesday. They pulled him over and found CO2 canisters with marijuana in his truck. That’s when they got a warrant to search Rivas’ house.

“They just plowed the door down and threw a smoke grenade in. It’s just crazy,” said neighbor Michael Carter.

Neighbors watched as Cape Coral Police and the SWAT team raided the home Tuesday night.

“I figured it was drugs because they were unmarked cars and there’s dogs,” said neighbor Brooke Caserman.

“I think that in this neighborhood, that’s incredible,” said neighbor Dan Shaw.

“It’s kind of crazy and scary to know something that huge is going on just right in your backyard,” said Caserman.

Police confiscated more than 70 pounds of marijuana. They found Rubbermaid bins and trash bags full of buds and plant clippings.

“Surprising. Very surprising,” said Shaw.

LCEC also had to respond to the home. Police said power was being stolen in an effort to hide what was happening inside the house.

“He was really good at hiding it because I never for a second suspected anything,” said Caserman.

Police also confiscated a DVR for the surveillance cameras and three cellphones from inside the home.

“Glad it would be out of any neighborhood,” said Shaw.

Rivas was arrested. He was released from the Lee County jail Wednesday morning.